Amix Recycling

We are an industrial metal recycling and processing center. We buy and sell recycled metal and provide customized scrap metal and recycling services to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial scrap metal producers.

Start recycling with Amix 

When we buy metals, we offer the most competitive rates, based on market pricing.
Fast payment, 100% transparency with online customer portal.

Customer service is the hallmark of our business model.  That means timely deliveries, innovative customer solutions, and rigorous quality standards, always meeting ISRI specifications or the unique grading requirements of our customers.  We keep our inventory of non-ferrous in a secure, closed warehouse facility, to ensure our product is protected and well maintained. Amix buys, segregates, processes, and distributes a wide range of non-ferrous metals. We handle all grades of non-ferrous metal – all commodities, volumes, and sizes.




Bring your scrap metal to Amix. Truck scale for quick in, quick out. Separate non-ferrous buying station. Convenient non-ferrous drop off with hand-carts, sorting bins, and experienced staff to answer your questions. Our sales team will send weekly price lists directly to your email.


Fast and convenient service for the general public. Burnt-out Christmas lights, old appliances, metal collected from a home renovation. Whatever is cluttering your garage, bring it to Amix. We’ll recycle it and pay you for the value.


Roll-offs and bins sized to meet your requirements. Amix provides customized roll-off and shop bin service to all our customers; yard clean-up, job sites, metal recyclers, scrap metal collectors, and manufacturers. Amix works with manufacturers by providing bin drop off and pick up at your location, custom-designed shop bins, and yard cleanups. 


Manufacturers, Fabricators, Contractors, Machine Shops, and Service Centers.  Does your business generate ferrous or nonferrous metal during your commercial process?  Amix Recycling will work with you to create a custom metal management program to keep your operations running efficiently while maximizing the value of your metal.


Amix provides demolition service along with metal collection and removal. 
*Certificate of Destruction.
COD for proprietary equipment, recalled products, and audit reporting.


Schedule a consultation to discuss your recycling needs. We’ll take care of the rest. We offer the most competitive rates in Greater Vancouver. Call us today for a consultation and learn how to make money with Amix.

Metal We Recycle



– Aluminum Extrusion
– Aluminum Turning
– Aluminum Clips
– Aluminum Electrical Wire
– Radiators
– Sheet Aluminum
– Cast Aluminum-
– Aluminum Rings
– Engine Blocks + Transmissions


– Copper Solids
– Copper Wire
– Insulated Copper Wire
– Radiators
– Electric Motors
– Alternators + Starters
– Breakage
– Sealed Units
– Ballasts
– Lead
– Zinc
– Batteries
– Transformers


– Red Brass
– Yellow Brass
– Brass Shavings

Stainless Steel

– 304
– 316
– Stainless Turnings



– Mild Steel
– Cast Iron
– Manganese
– Tin
– Structural Steel
– Plate
– Engine Blocks

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Amix Recycling

11698 140 Street Surrey,
BC V3R 2V4


Monday–Friday 8.30 am–4:30 pm

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