Nicola Ferry goes back in the water

After an 11-week spell in dry dock at BC Ferries’ Deas Pacific Marine facility in Richmond, the Nicola ferry was successfully lifted back into the water Aug 24. The Nicola’s hull and keel sections had been completely overhauled with new welded panels, anti-rusting treatment and propeller refurbishment.

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AMIX gives $300m windmill farm a lift in Nanaimo

It takes a special kind of crane to lift the gigantic     components of a modern-day windmill off the deck of a ship. Especially when the operation has to be approached from the water. Amix Heavy Lift were commissioned to offload the 100 foot long steel casings from ship to shore using their flagship Arctic Tuk crane which can lift up to 600 Tons. The barge-mounted crane was chosen for practical and safety considerations that a land-based crane could not easily handle at the Duke Point facility. Once assembled, along with generator hubs and rotating blades, these massive lengths of steel, each weighing up to 60 Tons, will become a virtual forest of wind turbines. The $300m project will be completed at Cape Scott on the north west tip of Vancouver Island. Amix Heavy Lift will continue to be involved with the delicate ship to shore lifting operations until all the wind turbine components are safely landed.

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Amix has a new crane yard in Surrey

Amix has acquired a new property, which is the site where the Ritchie Bros. auctions used to be held in Surrey, to the immediate east of the Pattullo Bridge. There is access to the river at this property, as Amix has also leased the land fronting the Fraser River south shore from Port Metro Vancouver. Amix plans to operate a crane shop at this facility, and is considering other potential uses for the land and waterfront.

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Amix Heavy Lift and Amix Salvage; still privately owned.

With the scrap metal and recycling business now operated by Amix Recycling Inc., a newly formed company controlled by Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc., Amix Heavy Lift and Amix Salvage will remain privately owned and operated, and will experience continued growth in marine operations, such as marine salvage and recovery, heavy lift crane service, tug and barge service among other ventures.