Lifting Conveyors Richardson Silo

Lifting Conveyors Richardson Silo

Our work at Richardson Silo recently came to a close, but not before we finished some last few lifts. As the expansion was nearing completion, our Heavy Lift crew and our Arctic Tuk barge, was at it again, and lifting the last conveyors onto the top of the silos.

In the pictures below, it can be seen that half the conveyors were already in place before we started on the left side of the silos. Our crew harnessed each conveyor housing and conveyor belt with ease, and measured each angle of the belts before they were put into place.

We’d like to thank FWS and Richardson International for working with us the past year. This expansion is a major achievement for our limited grain capacities and for the Port of Vancouver.

IMG_0913 IMG_0874 IMG_0913IMG_0987 IMG_1056 IMG_1101

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