AMIX Marine Salvage

What We Do

AMIX Marine Salvage has developed expertise over many marine salvage projects, such as grounded vessels, sunken vessel recovery, ship deconstruction and decommision.  We can haul vessels, up to 1000-tons out of the water for deconstruction in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.  We operate as a preferred responder for marine salvage projects in the Pacific Northwest and Canada’s Pacific Coast.


Ship deconstruction

AMIX has the facility, the equipment, and the personnel to recycle entire ships, boats, and barges.  AMIX remediates the vessels with strict environmental processes, salvages any appropriate material, and recycles the scrap metal.

Salvage Sales

Generators, engines, pumps, lights, propellors, anything that can be pulled from a vessel and sold to the marine community, AMIX maintains an inventory of equipment for sale.  

Vessel Recovery

AMIX has the equipment and the industry knowledge to respond, recover, remove and recycle vessels along the Pacific Coast line.  

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