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AMIX Marine Projects is a solutions provider.  With access to land, equipment and resources across the AMIX Group, AMIX Marine Projects brings solutions to complex marine projects.  AMIX’s one-stop-shop service model offers lifting, transporting, storage, transloading, and assist to construction services.  Our team looks at all opportunities and avenues to find solutions that work for you.



All of our cranes are available for service both on the water and on land.  For our larger cranes and lifting duties we employ Manitowoc 4600 models, in various arrangements.  We have standard lifting cranes as well as material handling/duty cycle cranes.  Our cranes and crane barges are available and ready to serve for whatever crane assignment may be required, whether a small project or long-term venture. 

Heavy Transport

AMIX Marine Projects has provided a major enhancement to the capabilities of British Columbia’s ports to receive and handle heavy and complex cargo from all over the world.  The Arctic Tuk regularly executes heavy and complex lifts at the docks of Port Metro Vancouver, Nanaimo Port Authority and Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.  The Arctic Tuk is a specialized crane barge, with a lift capacity of 600-tons on the water.  

Vessel Haul-Out

Specialized lifting and rigging equipment, coupled with years of experience makes AMIX Marine Projects’ team the natural choice to manage your vessel haul-out requirements.  If your boat, ship, yacht or barge requires repairs or maintenance, we can lift your vessel right out of the water, either onto land at your facility, or onto another barge, saving your time and money by avoiding transit and socking costs.  

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