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Cruise Antenna Lift

Amix Heavy Lift was recently in Downtown Vancouver lifting and helping replace a few radio antennas for a major cruise line.

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Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Lift

Amix Heavy Lift was at the Howe Sound Pulp and Paper lifting new evaporators for the mill.

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Steel Reload

Amix Group has been busy transloading steel pipes and beams from ships’ barge decks onto highway trucks from our own private location. We have also been giving the option of storing the materials as well.

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Marine Salvage of Derelict Vessels

Amix Marine Salvage recovered three derelict vessels earlier last month. We raised each one with our submersible barge where they were transported to land and demolished for scrap.

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Various Boat Lifts

We’ve done many different type of boat lifts, from yachts to tugs and barges, we love a challenge! Here’s a photo gallery of our many boat lifts we’ve done in the past.

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Heavy Lift North Vancouver Silo Project

Amix Heavy Lift has been onsite in North Vancouver’s Low Level Road to assist in the $120-million expansion to Richardson International’s grain-handling terminal. The photos consist of the lift of cones, conveyor housing and belts all used for the function of the silos.

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Heavy Lift Neptune Hoppers

Rewind: Last year, Amix lifted, transported and positioned new hoppers at Neptune’s terminal. This was for Neptune’s recent expansion of their potash-handling facility on North Vancouver’s Low Level Road.

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Port of Olympia Crane Demolition

Amix Group was at the Port of Olympia to dismantle and remove the port’s crane. The Straits Cold Decker assisted the Arctic Tuk in this Heavy Lift removal.

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Ocean Oregon Makeover Gallery

The Ocean Oregon recently had a makeover done, and looks mighty fine in its new Amix colors!

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Nicola ferry has lift off

The Arctic Tuk performs another spectacular precision lift. After an 11-week spell in dry dock at BC Ferries’ Deas Pacific Marine facility in Richmond, the Nicola ferry was successfully hoisted aloft, swung across the barge deck, and lowered into the water. She will resume service for the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation Band by late Fall. Left: what the Nicola looks like in full service. 

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Westshore Terminals Coal Stacker/Reclaimer

Amix Heavy Lift completed this offloading project in Spring of 2009. When assembled, the jumbo-sized yellow steel components form a $30m coal stacker-reclaimer which increases Westshore Terminals annual coal handling capacity by millions of tons.

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Sunken ferry T’Lagunna gets lifted aboard

Submerged on the shoal off Darrell Bay, the T’Lagunna lay at a sharp angle; her bow 60 ft down and her stern a further 60 feet below. Careful preliminary testing was done to ensure the corroded hull could handle the strain of being lifted. Divers cut four strategically placed holes in her deck to connect cables to the lift beam. Slowly, as water was pumped out of her, the once proud Albion Ferry was brought to the surface, before being gently lifted onto the deck of the Arctic Tuk for her final journey. 

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Yacht Lifting

Amix Heavy Lift regularly gets commissioned to lift yachts and leisure craft of all shapes and sizes — usually for dry dock service and maintenance, but also for cross country transportation.

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Cape Scott Wind Farm: Wind turbine components offload

Part of an ongoing series of lifting operations at Duke Point, Nanaimo. Ship to shore offloading of massive wind turbine tower components. These components will eventually make their way overland to a wind farm installation at Cape Scott on the north western tip of Vancouver Island. 

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Amix swings into action to repair ruptured rail bridge

When a barge-load of gravel veered off course along the Fraser River and struck the swing bridge connecting New Westminster to Queensborough by rail, Amix Heavy Lift came to the rescue.

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