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Ledcor Group Tugboat Lift

Amix Heavy Lift recently lifted a new tugboat for the Ledcor Group with our Heavy Lift barge, the Arctic Tuk. The Tuk and the Ledcor Group barge were brought alongside each other at the Burrard pier, where we lifted one of their new 85-Ton tugboats from their barge into the water with complete ease and success.

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Steel Reload

Amix Group has been busy transloading steel pipes and beams from ships’ barge decks onto highway trucks from our own private location. We have also been giving the option of storing the materials as well. By doing so, we have been helping mitigate congested docks, thus enabling the transfer process to speed up for many of our customers.

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In-depth look of a Richardson Silo hopper lift

Through another visit of the Richardson site, I was able to have an in-depth look of a hopper being placed and welded into a silo. This post will show photos of the visit, with explanations on the way.

Once again, we can see two hoppers that will be put into the Richardson International’s silo. Of the two, the further one is already flipped and ready to be lifted.

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Boat Lifts Reflection

Since we’ve ventured into the Heavy Lifting business, we have done many types of boat lifts for various companies and individuals. These lifts have ranged from lighter lifts, only requiring our mobile cranes, to heavy ones, requiring our floating dock and Heavy Lifting Crane on the Arctic Tuk. Through our many lifts, we’ve found time and time again, that our lifting methods are faster and easier than alternate methods like using a dry-dock.

These lifts range for different purposes, some for salvage or demolition, or for refitting of the boats, or even just reloading them to another ship or into the water. We’ve found we’re extremely flexible in our lifting capabilities and boat types and shapes.

This is a small reflection and photo gallery of our past lifts.

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