In-depth look of a Richardson Silo hopper lift

Through another visit of the Richardson site, I was able to have an in-depth look of a hopper being placed and welded into a silo. This post will show photos of the visit, with explanations on the way.

Once again, we can see two hoppers that will be put into the Richardson International’s silo. Of the two, the further one is already flipped and ready to be lifted.

IMG_8055Since the extension of the silos are still under construction, many of the platforms where workers would walk are still in place on the tops of each silo. In order to place the hopper in through the top, we first had to remove the platform.

We hooked it to our Arctic Tuk Heavy Lift crane and slowly lifted it up, and out of the silo. A single rope can be seen dangling from the platform as it would be used for manual positioning when it touches down on our barge.

IMG_8068IMG_8075IMG_8104IMG_8144IMG_8190IMG_8234IMG_8248After we detached the crane’s hooks from the platform, we removed the chains and replaced them with wire cables suitable for the lifting tool of the hopper.


IMG_8271 IMG_8273As the crane lifted the cables, we repositioned them over the lifting tool and bolted it in place.

IMG_8275IMG_8286IMG_8290The crane then raised the lifting tool over the hopper so we could again, bolt it into place.

IMG_8299IMG_8310IMG_8333IMG_8346After it was secured, we prepared for the lift.

IMG_8361With an easy take off.

IMG_8370IMG_8376IMG_8389IMG_8404I went inside the silo to watch the team prepare for the descent of the hopper.


IMG_8437With the first few looks of the hopper approaching the top, we watched it slowly come down.

IMG_8456IMG_8464IMG_8471IMG_8482IMG_8495IMG_8496IMG_8506IMG_8519IMG_8523The team sprung into action, and began to position it.

IMG_8527IMG_8539IMG_8546A red dot can be seen on the marking tool to make sure that the hopper is 100% in place.

IMG_8568IMG_8580Looking up through the hole of the hopper, we can see the lifting stack still in place.

IMG_8582As some began to weld the sides, others climbed through the hole to detach the lifting stack.

IMG_8592IMG_8600IMG_8614 IMG_8634The crane then lifted the lifting stack out of the silo, and we soon finished the welding.


IMG_8655IMG_8653These are the steps that are used to lift and position a hopper. Although it’s a fairly quick lift, there are many steps in between that can’t be overlooked.

IMG_8679IMG_8692Good job team!


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