In-depth look of a Richardson Silo hopper lift

Through another visit of the Richardson site, I was able to have an in-depth look of a hopper being placed and welded into a silo. This post will show photos of the visit, with explanations on the way.

Once again, we can see two hoppers that will be put into the Richardson International’s silo. Of the two, the further one is already flipped and ready to be lifted.

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Boat Lifts Reflection

Since we’ve ventured into the Heavy Lifting business, we have done many types of boat lifts for various companies and individuals. These lifts have ranged from lighter lifts, only requiring our mobile cranes, to heavy ones, requiring our floating dock and Heavy Lifting Crane on the Arctic Tuk. Through our many lifts, we’ve found time and time again, that our lifting methods are faster and easier than alternate methods like using a dry-dock.

These lifts range for different purposes, some for salvage or demolition, or for refitting of the boats, or even just reloading them to another ship or into the water. We’ve found we’re extremely flexible in our lifting capabilities and boat types and shapes.

This is a small reflection and photo gallery of our past lifts.

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Heavy Lift

Rewind: Heavy Lift Neptune Hoppers

As Amix is playing a heavy hand in the expansion of Richardson’s grain silos, we wanted to highlight one of our other past contributions to another of North Vancouver’s Low Level Road’s expansions.

Last year, Neptune Terminals completed an expansion of its potash-handling facility, which increased their coal-handling capacity from 8 million tonnes to 12.5 million.

For this construction, we lifted, transported and positioned their large hoppers at their terminal. We used our Heavy Lift crane and barge, the Arctic Tuk, to carry three hoppers at a time to the site.

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Amix First on Scene of Fishing Boat Fire

Boat Fire

On August 19, a small fishing boat caught on fire on the Fraser River near the Pattullo Bridge. We are proud to say that one of our tugboats, the Sea Warrior, and one of our assistance boats, were first on scene to put out the fire and rescue the 3 men on deck.

We had the fire under control, and by the time the New Westminster police arrived, most of the fire was put out.

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Amix Group Highlighted in Power Magazine

We are extremely pleased to be part of Global Business Reports’ latest edition of their Power Magazine. This magazine addresses and explores the need for upgrades and conservation of energy efficient machinery in BC.

In 2005, our company invested in a heavy-lift ringer-crane and placed it on our Arctic Tuk barge. This has allowed us to efficiently and effectively move heavy equipment, including transmission cable spools, and generation turbines of up to 380 mt. Although we have substantial savings in our costs, we also increase efficiency in the utilization of ours and our partners’ time.

We are pleased and look forward to continuing our efforts in being an energy conscious company in BC.



Ocean Oregon and Sea Commander get set for the long haul

Ocean_Oregon_Loaded The Ocean Oregon has been converted into a barge capable of carrying up to 11,500 Tons of wood chips on its deck by adding 30’ steel bin walls.

The wood chips are being transported for client Roseburg Forest Products from Coos Bay Oregon to pulp mills up and down the BC coast.

The barge is being towed by the Sea Commander. Amix crews and welders carried out the barge conversion, from a design prepared by Capilano Maritime.


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