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Boat Lifts Reflection

Since we’ve ventured into the Heavy Lifting business, we have done many types of boat lifts for various companies and individuals. These lifts have ranged from lighter lifts, only requiring our mobile cranes, to heavy ones, requiring our floating dock and Heavy Lifting Crane on the Arctic Tuk. Through our many lifts, we’ve found time and time again, that our lifting methods are faster and easier than alternate methods like using a dry-dock.

These lifts range for different purposes, some for salvage or demolition, or for refitting of the boats, or even just reloading them to another ship or into the water. We’ve found we’re extremely flexible in our lifting capabilities and boat types and shapes.

This is a small reflection and photo gallery of our past lifts.

Alaska Hovercraft:

This was a great lift that we don’t get to do very often. Using our mobile crane, we lifted an Alaska Hovercraft, after a refitting, to be placed back into the water.

Large Yacht Lifts

We’re incredibly proud of our various yacht lifts we’ve done for companies and individuals. These boats require our Heavy Lift crane and our Arctic Tuk barge to do the jobs. Here are a few examples of our various lifts.

Yacht 1:

Yacht 2:

Yacht 3:

More Heavy Lifts:

Barge Salvage and Demolition:

Using our Arctic Tuk barge, we pulled out a broken, sunken barge, in two pieces, which we then towed to a site for it to get demolished. Can’t have that littering our waters!

BC Ferries Boat Lift

We’re still glad to be part of the monumental lift for BC Ferries, Nicola. It needed to be refitted, and our methods were the quickest and fastest way for the boat to be taken out of the water. This was the first time one of BC Ferries boats was lifted out of the water.

Our Own Boats:

And of course, we’ve lifted many of our own boats in and out of the water. Here are two of my favourite examples.

Skeena Coast before it was painted:

Skeena Coast after:

Finlay before it has its Amix Logo:


Finlay after its logo:

We continue to look forward to doing more boat lifts, and always like a challenge. We’re never limited to the size of the boat, and would love to help you lift your boat for whatever purpose you need it for.


To see more photos of our boat lifts, click here.

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