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In-depth look of a Richardson Silo hopper lift

Through another visit of the Richardson site, I was able to have an in-depth look of a hopper being placed and welded into a silo. This post will show photos of the visit, with explanations on the way. Once again, we can see two hoppers that will be put into the Richardson International’s silo. Of […]

Boat Lifts Reflection

Since we’ve ventured into the Heavy Lifting business, we have done many types of boat lifts for various companies and individuals. These lifts have ranged from lighter lifts, only requiring our mobile cranes, to heavy ones, requiring our floating dock and Heavy Lifting Crane on the Arctic Tuk. Through our many lifts, we’ve found time […]

Amix Group and our Power Lifting Reflection

Since Amix Group has been recently highlighted in Global Report’s latest Power magazine, for our investment in our heavy-lift ringer-crane, we wanted to reflect on how our investment has allowed our company to directly help the power industry within British Columbia. The purchase of our Arctic Tuk has enabled us to efficiently and effectively move […]

Rewind: Heavy Lift Neptune Hoppers

As Amix is playing a heavy hand in the expansion of Richardson’s grain silos, we wanted to highlight one of our other past contributions to another of North Vancouver’s Low Level Road’s expansions. Last year, Neptune Terminals completed an expansion of its potash-handling facility, which increased their coal-handling capacity from 8 million tonnes to 12.5 […]

Heavy Lift North Vancouver Silo Project

Amix Heavy Lift has been onsite in North Vancouver’s Low Level Road to assist in the $120-million expansion to Richardson International’s grain-handling terminal. The proposition began 2 years ago, as the company’s silos were running at full capacity and in desperate need of expansion. The proposal proceeded, due to the worldwide shortages of grain and […]

Canaan Shipping

Last month, Amix Group helped with one of Canaan’s recent cargo shipments. For the shipment, our newly painted Sea Warrior tugboat, towed our Harken Logger behind it, carrying around 2 dozen cargo bins. One of our mobile cranes was on board the Harken to assist in moving the bins on and off the barge with […]

Port of Olympia Crane Demolition

Amix Group was at the Port of Olympia to assist in the demolition in the port’s two cranes. The Strait Cold Decker was aside the Arctic Tuk in the demolition as the Tuk’s Heavy Lift crane would lift the dismantled crane materials and transfer it to Strait‘s deck.

BC Ferries News Release on Nicola’s Lift

The Heavy Lift of BC Ferries’ boat, Nicola, was a major milestone for their company. It was the first ever heavy lift of one of their vessels. Our Heavy Lift barge and crane, the Arctic Tuk, completed the whole procedure in approximately eight and a half hours.