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Amix Decommissioning: Dismantling a 96,000 lb Transformer

Amix Decommissioning is a subsidiary of Amix Group that services the end of life and proper dismantling of transformers and associated components. Our facility is newly renovated to handle the largest transformers inside and out of the elements, and contains a 50 Ton capacity crane (100,000 lbs).

Cruise Antenna Lift

Over the weekend, our Amix Heavy Lift team was spotted in Downtown Vancouver as we completed a lift outside Canada Place. Many onlookers watched as the lift commenced, and we were happy to entertain them on the beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Ledcor Group Tugboat Lift

Amix Heavy Lift recently lifted a new tugboat for the Ledcor Group with our Heavy Lift barge, the Arctic Tuk. The Tuk and the Ledcor Group barge were brought alongside each other at the Burrard pier, where we lifted one of their new 85-Ton tugboats from their barge into the water with complete ease and […]

Lifting Conveyors Richardson Silo

Our work at Richardson Silo recently came to a close, but not before we finished some last few lifts. As the expansion was nearing completion, our Heavy Lift crew and our Arctic Tuk barge, was at it again, and lifting the last conveyors onto the top of the silos.

Steel Reload

Amix Group has been busy transloading steel pipes and beams from ships’ barge decks onto highway trucks from our own private location. We have also been giving the option of storing the materials as well. By doing so, we have been helping mitigate congested docks, thus enabling the transfer process to speed up for many […]

Marine Salvage of Derelict Vessels

Amix Marine Salvage recovered three derelict vessels earlier last month. We raised each one with our submersible barge where they were transported to land and demolished for scrap.

Amix First on Scene of Fishing Boat Fire

On August 19, a small fishing boat caught on fire on the Fraser River near the Pattullo Bridge. We are proud to say that one of our tugboats, the Sea Warrior, and one of our assistance boats, were first on scene to put out the fire and rescue the 3 men on deck. We had […]

Amix Group Highlighted in Power Magazine

We are extremely pleased to be part of Global Business Reports’ latest edition of their Power Magazine. This magazine addresses and explores the need for upgrades and conservation of energy efficient machinery in BC. In 2005, our company invested in a heavy-lift ringer-crane and placed it on our Arctic Tuk barge. This has allowed us […]